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Seasonal Sites - (204)827-2735






Seasonal Sites:   May - Sept - $1650.00       Annual: $1850.00

















             Each site is 25' wide x 60' deep allowing enough room

for larger fifth wheel or bumber hitch campers

to fit comfortably & still allow lots of

room for personal touches

& outdoor furniture!



Patio & Garden area behind Kabana 









We have 23 full hookup sites to offer, 13 of which are seasonal units and 2 hydro only sites. 


We are a small private campground that is located 1.5 miles south of Spruce Woods Provincial Park, on #5 highway. 


Great access to alot of local ammenities!  Glenboro Golf Course, Carberry Sandhills Golf Course, Glenboro Gaitey Theatre, Local shops,  Spirit Sands Casino, grocery stores, and gas stations.


We offer a large sandbox play area western theme town play area, biking & hiking trails!  For more info on our sites please contact us @

(204)827-2735 !